Organizational & Time Saving Summer Tips!

 July 15, 2010
Posted by jenn

No matter where your summer vacation—or stay-cation—takes you, it’s important to plan ahead so you can use your vacation time to the max and enjoy all that summer has to offer. Here are some tips to help you save time this summer, whether you’re at a week-long stay at the beach, headed for a day trip in the park, or relaxing at home.

    • Purchase an extra laundry basket: Instead of using your laundry basket for dirty clothes, stock an extra laundry basket with clean towels and cover-ups, bathing suits, toys, etc. When you’re getting ready to head out to the beach, just pick up the entire basket and go!
    • Load up on non-perishables: Especially if you’ve invested in a summer rental home, you want to spend your time enjoying the location and your family, not going to the grocery store. Even if you’re staying home, purchasing non-perishable staples can maximize your time to enjoy the summer. Stock up on peanut butter and tuna for sandwiches, granola bars for the kids, frozen meats that can easily be thrown onto the grill, and frozen fruits that can go into the blender for excellent summer smoothies.
    • Follow the one-in, two-out rule: With great sales, art fairs, travel, and other reasons to shop during the summer months, it’s easy to create clutter. To avoid this, follow a strict de-clutter policy in your house by following the one-in, two-out rule: for every new item brought into the house, donate or throw away two old items. Found a great new clock at a street fair? Great! Now take those boots you never wear and your broken coffee pot to Goodwill.
    • Two is better than one: If you travel often, purchase duplicates of the items that you take with you when traveling, as opposed to constantly having to pack and unpack. Buy two sets of toiletries, and keep a stocked cosmetic bag in your bathroom that you can grab and throw in a suitcase. The same goes for electronics, such as computer, phone, and all other types of chargers. Create an “electronic dob kit,” filled with all of the various electronic items/ chargers you take with you on trips that you can grab at a moment’s notice. This will also help you avoid forgetfulness, so you don’t end up in Lake Tahoe for a week without your phone charger.
    • Be picnic-prepared: Buy a large picnic basket and keep it stocked so that you can head out with the family with little preparation, whether to the park, a game, a concert, or the beach. Load it with plastic ware, paper plates and cups, napkins, and some non-perishable snacks, like nuts and granola bars. Grab your picnic basket and pick up some sandwiches on the way, and you have a great summer day at a moment’s notice.