Multi-tasking Your Social Life

 July 30, 2010
Posted by jenn

One of my best friends recently had a baby. Thus, we are both a bit busy. In an effort to still see each other on a regular basis, we have developed a routine. I go over to her house early in the morning before work (after all, she’s up!), we get coffee, and then take a walk or jog with the baby in the stroller. This way, I get to see my friend and the baby, as well as get my daily dose of coffee and exercise, while still having an entire day ahead of me.

As busy people, we all need to remember the importance of social interactions and spending time with our loved ones, yet we can’t afford to sacrifice our responsibilities and most essential parts of our schedule. With some strategic planning, you can incorporate your social life into the things that you need to do…and perhaps even make your life more efficient.

    1. Host a clothing swap party: Twice a year, my friend invites about thirty women over to her house, and instructs everyone to bring over unwanted clothes and a bottle of wine. Everyone lays out their clothes, and we swap (after all, one woman’s trash is another’s treasure, right?). What is leftover, we put in trash bags and take to Goodwill. At the end of the night, we all come out with some great “new” items, have been able to drink wine with our girlfriends, and we go home to much cleaner closets!
    1. Have consistent exercise buddies: Set up a schedule with one or several of your friends to exercise/ go to the gym at least once per week. For example, you may meet one friend for a Spin class every Tuesday, or another for an early morning jog on Thursdays. Keeping the day, time, and place consistent will ensure commitment, and will also prevent you from having to take the time to schedule.
    1. Shop at Farmers’ Markets: Farmers’ markets are abundant in this town (check out for a list of all of the farmers’ markets and their locations/ frequencies). They are also a great way to combine socializing and food shopping, as well as healthy eating and supporting locally grown food. Have a standing date with your family, friend, or significant other to go to a farmers’ market near you, and stock up on fresh produce and other goodies for the week!
    1. Take a class: Sure, we’d all love to learn how to make the perfect Eggs Benedict or make our own gift wrap, but who has the time, right? Sign up for a class that will help you gain a new skill. For example, many stationary stores have great classes on things like gift wrapping or decorating for special events, or take a cooking class that will teach you how to prepare a meal for 6, and bring a friend along! You can spend some time together, as well as learn something new and valuable.