Cheap and Easy Holiday Gift Giving

 December 3, 2010
Posted by jenn

Well, noting the date of our last blog post, it is clear that we at OYP have not been taking our own advice. Our sincerest apologies…life even gets busy for us sometimes! Nonetheless, we are back in action for our busiest season of the year…the holidays! Yes, besides their intrinsic joy, the holidays tend to make us all crazed/ broke/ tired/ stressed/ fat. We’re here to help you avoid, or at least minimize, these effects this holiday season. To tackle to “broke” and “stressed” components of this joyous season, here are some tips for Cheap and Easy Holiday Gift Giving.

Magazine Subscriptions: Great idea for kids (think “Highlights,” “Seventeen,” “Teen Vogue”) and adults (anything from “Sports Illustrated” to “Real Simple”). This gift takes only a few minutes to purchase online, and most magazines will deliver a card that acknowledges the gift to the recipient. If you don’t want to appear “empty handed” by this gift-to-come, wrap up the current month’s issue of the magazine you purchased with a card of your own!

Photo Calendars: A simple internet search for “photo calendars” will bring up dozens of websites where you can turn your years of photos into a cheap yet great gift that will last all year long. Invited to a holiday party along with eight of your girlfriends and can’t get a gift for each? Give them each a photo calendar filled with pictures of you and them throughout the years. Or, get some family photos together and use as stocking stuffers/ third-night-of-Hanukkah gifts!

Themed Baskets: This may sound like it requires a lot of effort, but with a basket, some creative wrapping, and a store like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond, this can be a simple, affordable, and creative gift. First, choose a genre, like “muffins” or “bath time.” Next, get some kind of a basket or whatever is appropriate for your genre (for example, if you choose “gardening,” you might choose a pail). Next, pick an aisle or section of your store of choice, and load up with inexpensive gifts. Lets say you choose “baking,” you can fill your basket with a rolling pin, muffin pan, muffin mix, a cookbook ( is a great place to get affordable ones) some measuring cups and spoons.Put some cellophane around, tie with a bow, and you have an affordable present that shows lots of care and effort. Bonus idea: Know a college student or someone who’s just moved into an apartment? Load up with those goodies that no one want to buy: cleaning supplies, dishtowels,

Digital Photo Frames: Stores like BestBuy, Target, and Hannspree have great deals on these, and these can be a very thoughtful yet inexpensive gift that you can easily order online. If you have some time, and  want to make this gift even more personal and thoughtful, load one of these up with pictures before gifting it. This can be quite simple with digital albums and/ or social networking sites like Facebook…grab some photos off of these sites, download them onto your computer, and add them to your frame.

So get out there and get creative!!  Or better yet, ask Off Your Plate to get creative for you!