December 24, 2010
Posted by jenn

With the new year quickly approaching and so much holiday shopping to be done, I realized that we often lose sight of all the things we have to be grateful for. I decided to come with a crafty way to help the people in my family make notes of these blessings and keep track of them. Taking the suggestion from one of my favorite blogs (www.younghouselove.com), I created 5 ‘Pot-o-Thanks’ and gifted them to my parents and siblings for Christmas. Here is a photo of mine, which I keep on my mantle next to a family photo:

To Make:

  1. Scour the bric-and-brac section of a local thrift store for an old apothecary jar –best if it has a lid. If you’re “allergic” to the Goodwill in your neighborhood, you can find a fancy one at Home Goods or Pottery Barn.
  2. Purchase a small jar of Armour Etch – which can be painted onto glass to create whatever designs you might like. I wrote “thanks” on some of them; mine has just a solid bar. You can find this at Michael’s or even on Ebay.
  3. Cut up small pieces of scrapbooking paper, and fold in half.
  4. Set a time for you to write yourself some thanks – whether it’s once a week, once a day. Just do it. It feels good. And looks cute too!