Curbside Pick-up in SF…genius!

 January 19, 2011
Posted by jenn

Most of us locals know of the delightfully delectable Kara’s Cupcakes ( .  If you don’t have the time to whip up the mini chocolate cakes recipe this week, dial up Kara!  There are locations in SF, San Jose, Palo Alto, Walnut Creek & Napa.  Kara’s is one of the first shops to specialize in cupcakes (and now it seems like there are dozens).  The cakes are so delish, they will create custom toppings/decorations like a school logo for example, and they also deliver.

What I want to express my joy and love for, is that they now offer Curbside Pick-Up.  Everyone knows the hassle often associated with parking in San Francisco.  Well now, if you’re placing an order, you just call when you’re around the corner and a perky Kara’s rep will bring your bag-o-cakes to your passenger door.  No meters, no long walk, no lugging of delicate treats to your car.  This is fabulous!  Check them out!!