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 February 24, 2011
Posted by jenn

Okay, so I have to admit that I have been a part of a “Bachelor/Bachelorette Pool” for a few years now.  Yes, as in the TV show, The Bachelor.  It’s terrible.  The show is 100% terrible…but it hurts sooooo good!  The people that show up on my television on a weekly basis, are certifiably nuts, however totally entertaining.  I have honestly sat through episodes, complaining the whole time about how ridiculous the premise is, how crazy a guy’s love poems are, how unfortunate a girl’s sob session is.  However, I continue to tune in (via DVR – 2 hours is way too long), to see what’s gonna happen!  I truly believe that the #1 reason I do so, is because I absolutely love to read the blog  Lincee, who performs scripted masterpieces each week with her Bachelor recaps, gets me to laugh out loud when I’m sitting at my computer.  Her wit and southern charm add to her flavor, and I have continually passed along the link to her site on multiple occasions.  In addition to fulfilling people with awesome satirical rants about each Bachelor episode, she also loves to blog about Dr. Pepper.  Simple as that.  Anyway…for a little guilty pleasure, enjoy some of her posts.  You won’t be sorry.