Glass Beauties!

 March 9, 2011
Posted by jenn

Have you ever made a terrarium?  I’m sure you’ve seen them around…essentially a terrarium is a glass object filled with a mini landscape of soil, small plants, flowers, rocks, etc.  They are so cute, and you can get really creative with them!  To get started:
1. Hit up a local TJ Maxx to find a pretty glass jar – a round vase, a cookie jar, a fish bowl, a cereal container with a lid – any of these will do.  Dust it off and get it all shiny!
2. Toss in some rich soil…depending on the size of your glass item, fill appropriately.  You can add some small pebbles, gravel, stones or moss if you would like.
3.  Find a nice foliage plant(s) to insert into the soil.  Some that will work well are: aluminum plants, artillery plants, creeping figs, and ferns.
4. Don’t add water – just a tiny bit here and there to keep the plants alive!

These little gems add character on a bookshelf, bedside table or bathroom counter.

Have fun!