When Modern Was

 March 24, 2011
Posted by jenn

I spent the last week and a half, on-call for a client as she made a full-scale move from the peninsula to the perfect flat in Noe Valley.   She wanted to have someone there 24/7, who she could call on if she had to deal with a work issue, or be pulled away.  Moving is a TON of work – coordinating vendors, unpacking & breaking down boxes, getting utilities set up, hanging over 250 pieces of art, installing contact paper-lined shelves, stocking the cabinets with the basics, installing bookshelves, draperies, etc… the list goes on.  My client was happy and so relieved to have our help!

While it was physically draining, it was also a lot of fun too!  Quite a bit of shopping occurred, and our favorite purchases came from the darling shop, When Modern Was, on 24th St., in Noe Valley.  This place is packed to the brim with fabulous vintage pieces – including desks, hutches, dressers, vanities, cabinets, clocks, jewelry, mirrors and other great accessories.  Not only is the inventory to die for, the staff is friendly, helpful and kind.  They were patient with us as we debated btw the refurbished antique bed-side tables, and the newer antique-styled bed side tables. We ended up taking home 5 pieces from this shop, and I have no doubt I’ll be going back time and time again – especially when my home needs a little pick-me-up.  Go take a visit…see for yourself!