Best. Chocolate. Chip. Recipe. Ever.

 July 12, 2011
Posted by jenn

This Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe IS the Real Deal

I have always had a dream of someday being the mom that makes the best chocolate chips cookies on the block. Silly, yes, I know, but true!

So, over the past decade I have been working to make this domestic dream a reality; having tried multiple recipes, and tweaking the ever so famous everyday Tollhouse recipe, only to be disappointed in the result.  That is, until I came across this recipe with baking tips (originally featured in the New York Times) over at The Sisters Café. It is so good that I had to share!

Secret #1 First you mix the butter and the sugar called for in the recipe for a good 3-5 minutes. This helps the sugars dissolve and whips the butter. **AND a little tip from me ALWAYS use butter–no margerine. I use regular salted, because that is what I stock in my kitchen. I just cut the salt down a little in the recipe.

Secret #2 OK this one is hard–it really tests your patience:) You need to let the dough rest overnight, but a 36-hour rest is prime. That gives the dry ingredients time to fully soak up the eggs, creating a dough that’s exceptionally dry–which makes for the perfect texture when baked.

Secret #3 Make BIG cookies. You’ll be measuring the dough in a 1/3 measuring cup to create cookies that are about 5″ so you can enjoy all the different textures. The outside edge will be golden brown and crisp, the center will be light and soft and chewy, and between the two you’ll find a ring where those textures intertwine.

Secret #4 Right before you slide your dough balls into the oven, add a sprinkle of sea salt (or kosher salt). That small touch will seriously bring out the flavor and add a complexity to the taste. If you forget the salt on a tray of these cookies, you will miss it. Trust me.