Fav new blog!

 July 12, 2011
Posted by jenn

FogBay Blog

So I may be late on this bandwagon but if you are like me you tend to swoon for all things SF related which I why I am in love with FogBay blog. Although no longer updated daily, it is definitely worth taking the time to view.

Not only does it feature beautiful photos of the place we call home, but also offers beautiful quotes and interesting factoids that correspond with each photo. For example, did you know that after the Golden Gate Bridge’s construction in 1937, many locals thought the bridge to be an eyesore? Apparently, this remained the majority public opinion until Ansel Adams announced that he felt the bridge actually enhanced the Golden Gate landscape. Wow. . .Who knew?

For amazing photos, and more great facts about the city we love visit FogBay today.