The best Acupuncturist in SF!

 December 14, 2011
Posted by jenn

Have you ever thought about maybe trying Acupuncture, but you’re a little gun shy?  Have you tried all sorts of possible remedies to cure an ache or pain, and come up with nothin’?  Well, I was that person and I took a chance on Nikki Fancher of New Mission Acupuncture, and she’s helped me with so much.  Whether I was having severe back pain, inner ear pain, or was just really overwhelmed  & stressed, Nikki came to the rescue.  I have referred her to friends and family, and she’s guided some through pregnancy, helped alleviate stress for some going through a rough patch, and provided total relaxation for others.  She’s awesome, and I encourage you to check out her services and meet her.  She’s fabulously calming, knowledgeable and charming.  Visit her!

Nikki, in all her beauty and glory.