Holiday Décor: 5 Crafty, Cool Ideas

 December 19, 2011
Posted by jenn

Wrap it up: Too many gifts to wrap and too much ugly cheesy wrapping paper out there to do it. Don’t fret alternate options for wrapping is all the rage this season, so take your pick! A few of my faves are fabrics and newspaper; these sustainable and often reusable wrapping alternatives are a fun way to wrap gifts. Pick a few fabric patterns you like from cheap fabric stores and wrap or tie them up at the top of the box.

If you chose newspaper, make sure the section you are using is mostly all words, so the pattern looks consistent. There are also fancy embellishments you can add like the newspaper “flower”, shown below. Don’t be afraid to get a little fancy, or just stick with simple and rustic by tying the present up with twine.

Wrath of Wreaths: So far every wreath you’ve seen leaves something to be desired. You want to be creative and stand out amongst your neighbors, don’t you? This year, DIY and create an amazing edible wreath that you can use even after you take it down. Country Living shows us an edible oregano, sage, rosemary and bay leaves to create an awesome smelling and looking wreath for inside or outside. I would start by using a wire hanger, bend it into a circle, then gentle wrap the herbs around the wire and attach them with pieces of twine.

Punch it up: Oh no! Your holiday party is tomorrow and your punch is looking boring. Stiff? Yes. But it needs some flair. Not to worry, just put water in an angel food cake mold and place two rosemary twigs into the mold. Then place in your freezer to freeze overnight. When ready to place into your delicious punch, place the mold in hot water until it slips out. And voila your very own holiday rosemary ice ring that will keep your punch punching all night!

No Tree No Problem: No room for a tree this year? Or no time? No problem, there are great affordable and time saving solutions for trees to spruce up your home and make it just as festive this year. If you have ornaments and a silver or gold bowl, place them on a mantle or as a centerpiece for your dining room table. You can mix it up by adding pinecones which can be purchase at Trader Joe’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, or any craft store.

Party Favors: There are many types of garlands out there; fresh tree, imitation, sparkling green, red and gold. But why not do something different this year? Temp your houseguests with a party favor-esque garland made from Werthers candies, peppermints and other holiday treats! All your need is your favorite kinds of holiday candies and a staples or hot glue gun. String them together and staple or glue the ends together. Just make sure your garland is twice as long as your mantle for hanging. String up your candies and pin them up! Tip: make sure to have some extra on hand so your guests don’t get grabby!