New Year, New You!

 January 2, 2012
Posted by jenn

The New Year is all about re-invention. New haircut? Do it! New raw food cleanse? Go for it! I am an advocate for anything that produces positivity within yourself and gives you a reason to look forward to the future. Sure there are the typical New Year’s Resolutions; diet, exercise, quit smoking, cook more, etc. Most of which don’t last very long after the ball drops and the champagne falls flat. So this year, try to make the New Year about a slow and steady re-definition of yourself. You want to be able to feel good about your resolution, not guilty for breaking a promise to yourself. Here are some good examples:

  • Watch less TV: This can be done in increments, or with a buddy or partner. Trust me, after a while you’re not going to miss Fear Factor or Jersey Shore re-runs. Snooki and Joe Rogan aren’t going anywhere.
  • Join the Cause: volunteering and committing your time to something or someone can make all the difference in the world. Look up organizations that are doing something you are interested in, be it Breast Cancer 12k marathon, or a community garden, taking time out each week to help a non-profit or a philanthropic cause will show progressive change in yourself and your community.
  • Work out…your left-brain: Learning something creative takes time and patience but is often rewarding in the end. Picking up a guitar, taking a pottery or sketching class exercises the left side of your brain, and can open up a whole new side of yourself that may be virtually untapped.  You may discover a newfound passion for poetry or knitting that provides balance to your daily hectic routine.

This year, just remember slow and steady wins the race. Take it one day at a time you will be feeling fab in 2012!