The Best Closet I Ever Had

 January 12, 2012
Posted by jenn

Attacking a closet can be overwhelming, so proceed with caution. It’s hard to find the time to clean and more importantly keep your closet clean and organized. But once you do, you will be thrilled with how much easier it is to treat your closet like your own designated shopping area.

A few tips:

Recycle: Too many clothes? Living in an episode of Hoarders—not a cute look. Take a weekend to evaluate and play “when’s the last time you wore that?” A fun game that goes even better with champagne (cut to cheesy scene in Sex and the City 2, et al). Donate clothes to Goodwill, sell them at your local neighborhood Crossroads, or better yet–sell clothing pieces online at Etsy, Copious or Poshmark and make some extra $$$.

Sort: Sort through each section of your closet, head to toe, and make piles. If you have containers to separate each specific item or theme (hats, bags, etc.) then do so. The Container Store can be your best friend, with example custom closets built on display, it is easy to gain inspiration from walking around and finding pieces that you need to build your dream closet. Try to color coordinate, it will make finding things a breeze! Remember: Organization is an essential part of a functioning closet.

Make the Most of it: Always look for ways to maximize your space. Even a small closet has great potential to be great. Use bins, and under-bed storage for shoes, door racks and other special conscious organizational tools. Get creative, it is your space to make your own!