May…it’s all about the flowers!

 May 9, 2013
Posted by jenn

10 Easy & Stylish Flower Arranging Tips



1. When it comes to color stick to a consistent color palette that is in fashion. As in clothes, think what colors you would wear together.  If the colors don’t match in an outfit, they won’t in an arrangement either.  Choose 3 colors for an easy combination (think two main colors and 1 accent color).   Or do many shades of the same color and keep it tonal.

2. Remember your rule of 3 (3 different colors of the same flowers, or 3 of the same color/tone of different flowers).  Buy bunches of a few colors instead of a few stems of 10 different flowers.

3. Buy open AND closed flowers. Open flowers are more beautiful because they have more shape and texture. But an only open arrangement won’t last and can look artificial. – if you can’t find a combination of both you can stick with closed and force open a few.  Gently point a hair dryer, on low toward the buds for a moment and then put them in warm water. Give them about 30 minutes to open – but be gentle on your beauties as not to make them wilt.

Buying on the Cheap (and easy)

1. Don’t turn your nose up to weeds/wildflowers and.. roughage?:  Yes, Thistle, Queen Anne’s Lace, Bougainvillea and Kale for instance, help to create an organic look and shape and it doesn’t hurt that they are cheap and easy to buy – OR CLIP.

2. Go ahead and buy some deli/supermarket flowers. But be choosey. They can often be more manhandled, older, and have had less care in transport.  Look for sturdy, intact stems and perky leaves. Try to buy at the end of your shopping as to reduce the amount of time they are out of water.

3. Go outside and clip branches from your back yard. Branches are even cheaper and easier than weeds and they last a lot longer.  Your trees need pruning anyway.  They can make massive impact without budging your budget.

4. Ask a florist for their ‘discounted’ flowers. These are the ones they can’t sell at full price because they will only last a couple days because well.. they are old.  But, for a  photo shoot or a day-of party, they are perfect.  They, likely have them in the back.  But be tactful how you ask for them. Explain that you are hoping for open flowers (for a party) and wonder if they have any.  It sounds much better than asking for the cheap flowers behind the desk.

The Fun Part – Arranging

1. Think of Flowers as beautiful people – the more you try to make them perfect the less beautiful they begin to appear. Keep their natural look.  Picture them growing in the field.  Don’t force it.

2. Create an organic shape and not that tempting, too typical dome.

3. Flowers don’t grow in dome like shapes. A happy flower grows organically and wild so with stick with Mother Nature and keep that variation and interest.  It’s best to have the arrangement balanced but not perfectly symmetrical.

4. Choose interesting vases. Clear are fine and show off their stems in a lovely way. But pitchers, watering cans, boxes, jars, boots and bottles also make lovely vessels.

To end, go with what you like together, don’t force the shape, enjoy texture and by all means make way for naturally perfect, imperfect beauty!  It’s just so much more interesting!