Spring Cleaning: Should You Include Your Cosmetics?

 May 17, 2013
Posted by jenn


We’re loving Spring’s infusion of all things fresh! Mad with spring sprucing we’re furiously wiping away our winter worn ways.  Check closets, cupboards, dressers and drawers off our lofty laundry list (right? no? we’ll address those later). Right now we’re looking into our coveted cosmetic bag.  So often, we jump on board with all of the latest beauty trends.  Quickly they become our occasional favorites.  Perhaps not for everyday but indispensible nonetheless. Although they never seem to run out, it would never, ever occur to us to voluntarily -gasp- throw them away! But surely, at some point they must go bad. So… when – if ever?

Not willing to allow you the possibility of irritation or worse infection we did a little research.  With help from beauty experts here is OYP’s Rules for keeping your beauty bag up to date:

  1. Foundation and Cream-Based Products (blush or eye): 6-8 months if you use your finger, one year if it has a pump
  2. Powder (face, blush, bronzer, eye): 18 months as long as there is no shiny film on to
  3. Liquid Eye Products: 3 Months
  4. Pencils: Indefinitely, if you keep it freshly sharpened. We do, however recommend drawing the line at 3 years.
  5. Lips: 2 years
  6. Nails: 2 years


More Tips and Information:


  • Look for a small jar or other symbol on your cosmetics. The jar symbol represents how long after opening the product will expire. Look for a 6M for 6 months, for example and follow their recommendations.

  • Clean & maintain your products to help them last longer! Sharpen pencils, scrape off old residue, and store it properly. This typically means a cool, dry place.  Your glove box doesn’t count.

  • Anytime you use makeup while you have a skin or eye infection toss it! If it smells funky, it’s gone. And if it just seems like maybe it is too darn old, it is.

Try not to be too sentimental with your favorites.  Cleaning out makes room for new favorites.

Trust us, it’s a beautiful thing!