Finally Friday

 May 24, 2013
Posted by jenn

Not Quite Ready for the Party

You have the menu, drinks & decorations. You’ve shopped, assembled, sliced, chopped and mixed.  You’re ready but… your house is…. not!  Don’t panic, we have 8 shortcuts to get your home party-ready quick.

1. Recalibrate and let go of your inner perfectionist.  Your home doesn’t need to be completely spick and span when guests arrive. If they’re any fun at all, they’re going to make a bit of a mess, right? That said, go ahead and push that unpacked suitcase under the bed and out of the way for now.

2. Replace dishtowels in the kitchen and hand towels in the bathroom with clean ones.  Bonus Points: Spray them with starch and hand smooth so it looks like you ironed them.

Dog cleaning up

3. If the rugs look a little matted and show spots a quick broom sweep will lift fibers and freshen. Run a Swiffer over hardwood floors.  A wet Swiffer works fine in the bathroom.  As for food bits on the Kitchen floor…well, I bet your dog would love that job!

4. Clear and wipe down surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom with something that smells clean, but not like a cleaning product. I adore Mrs. Meyer’s basil scent. An old washcloth or hand towel works well to finish the job and wipe away streaks and stubborn smears.  For extra shine pledge, yes pledge, gives a great shine to mirrors in a pinch (I don’t recommend this method every time as you will get a build up).


5. Keep nice smelling hand soap in your bathroom. Wash your hands to infuse the bathroom with a lovely scent. Bonus: You will know which guests are hand washers by the smell when they exit the bathroom. But… all your friends are hand washers, right? Right.

6. Designate a room or out of the way closet your hold all for errant clothes, shoes, stuff you haven’t had time to organize.  Close the door.

7. If you are a stacker — you know who you are, because there are books strewn on the ottoman, bills tossed on the counter and unopened mail piled by the front door.  Collect the bills, papers and piles in a basket.  Place the basket in the holding room (see 6) for now and bring it back out tomorrow.  As for books, look at any fancy catalog and you’ll find artfully stacked piles. Channel your inner stylist and put a rock and a shell, or a bowl of nuts on that stack. It will look purposeful and chic.

8. Place and hang your decorations, add a few candles, turn the lights down slightly and enjoy your friends, food and drinks.  No one will even suspect or care that you have a suitcase full of dirty clothes cleverly concealed under your bed.  And besides, they probably have one too!

Party on my friend!


 (Then call me in the morning.  You’re going to need me.)