Easy Like Monday Morning

 June 3, 2013
Posted by jenn

Tell me again why Monday is so close to Friday and Friday so far from Today?


6 Tips to Make This Monday (a little more) Easy:

  1. Adjust to the workweek routine at your own pace.  As you transition from a casual weekend state of mind to becoming very professional ease into it so it isn’t as stressful.  Set short, easily attainable goals for the morning and check them off as you complete them.  Plan the more thoughtful or challenging assignments for after 1 o’clock.
  1. Give yourself something to look forward to.  Plan lunch with a friend or colleague you can relax and recap the weekend with.  Start to plan your next weekend.  No it’s not too soon and it gives you an instant shot of adrenaline and something to dream about all week.
  1. Find an obscure room or space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee without being interrupted, for even just a few minutes.
  1. Bring a little piece of your weekend with you. Just because it’s Monday you need not feel like you have to forget all about fun and happiness and get SERIOUS. Ponder a photo on your phone from the weekend’s fun, or send a quick message to the friend you met up with.
  1. Organize your space.  If you dropped and ran on Friday you may feel a little extra chaos this morning.  Take a moment on the front end to be sure things are in place so you can find them when you need them.  You and your week will gain momentum.  If you get ready now you’ll be more efficient when you actually feel like being more efficient!
  1. Go easy on yourself and others.  After all, It’s Monday Morning for everybody.Freddy Mercury Meme Rage Pose