Goodbye Cupcake ~ Hello Cronut

 June 24, 2013
Posted by jenn

signature-buttercream-cupcakesBad news, gourmet-cupcake lovers: the market for stylishly embellished, frosting-slathered, cup-shaped, ganache enveloped sweet treats may be crashing. It seems, after a decade long, very sweet run and thorough investigation, the Wall Street Journal is closing the oven door on the whole cupcake craze and replacing it with another and entirely different hole mania.

And behold – the Cronut –


A delightful croissant and doughnut hybrid. Debuted in May, by Chef Dominique Ansel this yummy new invention has been selling out by 9:30 every morning. Craze or not it is causing lines down the block at a particular NY city bakery.  No wonder – each of the gooey Cronuts consists of a specialty croissant dough that has been proofed, fried in grape seed oil, tossed in sugar, filled with Tahitian vanilla ganache, and finally finished with a rose glaze and crystallized rose petals. The entire process takes three days. So popular, they have now instituted a two per person limit for in store purchases.

Sounds amazing, but will it last long enough to make it out west, much less become a decade long obsession? Can this delight skillfully master the voyage west of the Mississippi, plow past the plains, cross the Grand Canyon Wallenda style and ultimately make it to our bakeries by the bay? Or will the cronut craze fizzle and fall?

So, now these calorie-loaded pastries intrigue me. Has anyone seen a close facsimile of the puff anywhere? While I can’t imagine Cronuts coming close to making the impact of the cupcake, I would be willing to investigate one and judge for myself.

If you have seen Cronuts or other interesting pastry hybrids we’d like to know and weigh in on them.  Share your decadent findings with us. If as good as those NYers make these out to be…. you may just want to hire us to stand in line for you. And, of course, we will!  That’s what we do!


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