Back to School ~ Back to Reality

 August 23, 2013
Posted by jenn

It’s 5:05 on Friday afternoon and while a nice full glass of wine is beckoning, you can’t help but be distracted by the thought that in just a few short days the craziness will begin..again.  Where did summer go?!

We hope and trust you enjoyed long lazy days, late dinners, obscenely obstructed schedules, gorgeous getaways and the rest of bliss that comes with summer.

If the thought of the old regimen, making lunches, homework, early to bed, soccer, football, cheer practice… made you throw up a little in your mouth your worry is far from unique.

This is one of our busiest times of year and for all the reasons fueling your stress.  Instead or pulling your hair out hire us!

Among so much more, we can help you:

– Create strategies and systems for organizing everything from a lunch plan to your children’s home work station, closets, playroom

The Smart Homework Space

The Smart Homework Space

– Build a birthday party worth celebrating to make them and you very very happy!

– Plan, make, package and deliver Diner.  For the night or the week. We’ll do everything but eat it for you…unless, of course  you invite us to stay = )

This is such a special time of year.  Be good to yourself and enjoy the new moments,  fresh book smell, sharpened #2 pencils and all things back to school so reliably delivers!

Happy Back to School!

xo ~ OYP