Sneaky Organized

 October 1, 2013
Posted by jenn

You may have noticed, we at Off Your Plate are slightly obsessed with helping you keep things organized, orderly and looking great!

Through  our experience working with clients, most especially in SF, Palo Alto, Marin, to name a few, who live in homes built 70, 80 and more years ago there are very definite storage challenges.  Those homes, with lovely alcoves, wall inserts where phones may have once lived,  spaces where traditional radiators once stood, tiny bathrooms with original pedestal primping stations and other areas with hidden space behind walls which remain empty and unused have amazing character and equally amazing lack of practical storage.

We’ve been tasked, more than once,  to help clients create systems for storage where storage space simply doesn’t exist.  We’ve noticed with many clients their thinking, which is absolutely logical is to begin with the space they have or see in front of them.  Our solutions, time and again has included using space mostly unseen or typically less apparent.

For example, here are a few sneaky storage solutions which may work for you or at least start you thinking.


Pedestal Sink Storage Skirt

1.  The Bathroom: In this bathroom there isn’t room for a counter, traditional vanity with cabinets underneath or the wall space to withstand shelving.  Since their pedestal sink has a useful amount of  girth it provided the perfect opportunity to create it’s own sneaky storage while adding a clean accent to the room with a fresh splash of color.  We simply placed a skirt around the pedestal base and stored behind the skirt bath necessities within easy reach.

in wall niche

A very handy in wall niche

2.  The Kitchen: In this kitchen, like so many in older homes we lack adequate shelf and cabinet space. However, where phones once might have been placed or other butler’s fixtures we’re left with 4 to 8″ deep spaces that essentially serve no purpose.  While flowers or decorative jars look lovely in these spaces we found they can be reconsidered and transformed into storage areas by simply building in shelves and concealing with a cabinet door.

Storage Bench and Seating

Reconsider a small space by combining seating and storage together

2.  The Dining Area: Taking advantage of a space which, at first glance would seemingly fit cozily a round table and 4 chairs, there’s instead an opportunity to build in benches fitting an additional 2 people, larger table space and some sneaky spots to stow away table linens, serving platters, and other dining odds and ends. Adding shelves, gives this spot a finished cozy feel and, yes..more storage.

Sometimes those spaces are hidden right in plain sight!

For specific solutions and ideas for your home contact us and we’ll set up a time to divulge the sneaky storage spots your home is currently concealing.