6 Ways to Help Keep all the Balls in the Air – When You’re Sick

 October 22, 2013
Posted by jenn

sick woman with cold


Getting a cold or flu will certainly bring you down but it doesn’t need to knock you out. It’s still possible to get things done – albeit with a few modifications.

Do you recall the time in your life when you could actually drop everything and stay in bed to mend when you were sick?  And when you did the world would go on with only the slightest hint of a hiccup?  Me too, vaguely!   

The problem is now there are many relying on the train staying on schedule regardless of the weather or whether or not you are under it – the weather that is. 

So, here are 6 ways to help keep things running smoothly and feel better: 

1.     Start with yourself:  Get comfortable and stock up on cold remedies, warm soup and something rich in vitamin C to drink or munch.  The following power sources should be easy to come by this fall in the grocery store.

·         Guava (one medium fruit / 280 percent vitamin C daily value)

·         Broccoli (one cup / 168 percent vitamin C daily value)

·         Orange (one medium fruit / 128 percent vitamin C daily value)

·         Brussels Sprouts (one cup / 125 percent vitamin C daily value)

·         Kiwi (one medium fruit / 120 percent vitamin C daily value)


2.     Don’t play with the other kids: This is the perfect opportunity to work from home and spare the rest of the office getting sick.  If that isn’t a possibility then consider calling in sick!  If you absolutely must go in, go gently and don’t overdo. If you have business calls or meetings, do your best to postpone them. People will be more understanding than you may think.


3.     Take care of maintenance items and don’t take on more: Unless you’ve already mastered the art of keeping your Inbox at a manageable level, this is the perfect opportunity to sit down and get organized. One rule, though: you must resist the temptation to answer new e-mail unless it’s urgent, and focus on tidying up things. Who knows when you’ll get the time to do so again?


4.     Delegate. Delegate. Delegate: Hand over the keys to your husband and let him get the kids to school, arrange carpooling for activities after school, arrange a play-date at friend’s house so you can rest quietly.


5.     Call us! This isn’t intended to be a plug. Really.  This is a sincere suggestion.  Call someone who can:

·         Pick up cold remedies and vitamin rich food and needed groceries

·         Make Dinner for your family so all are not relegated to unhealthy fast food choices

·         Run Errands like the post office, pick up that birthday present, drop off items at school for the fund raiser, go to the library so books are not overdue……

6.      Do nothing, rest and get better!  If you just can’t manage the nothing part, sit down in a quiet location with a notebook and pen and allow your brain to naturally remind you of things that you haven’t thought about in a while, or that you should do something about, or that you need to remember.

And remember to nourish! Just because that was all the way up at the top doesn’t mean you can forget it now that you’re here.

Better yet ~ Stay Well!