Pretty Painted Pumpkins

 October 24, 2013
Posted by jenn
Whimsical and Festive Pumpkins

Party Pumpkins!

A creative alternative to carving the ever popular jack o lantern  …  Painting a Pretty Pumpkin!

So fun and inspiring are the designs we found that we simply needed to share.

Consider using gourds as well as pumpkins and acrylic brush on or spray paints or permanent markers. The designs can be whimsical or scarey. And, don’t forget the sparkle!

cat and mice pumpkin



  • Clean and dry your pumpkin. Gently remove any dirt or grime using a dampened paper towel or a baby wipe. Use a soft, dry cloth to thoroughly but gently dry your pumpkin. Avoid brushing the pumpkin with a hard brush because you might bruise or scratch your pumpkin or just damage the skin.
  • Choose a design. Before you start painting, have an idea of your design. Almost any design can look good on a pumpkin, but try to keep it simple.
  • Consider using stencils i.e. a black cat, bats, a haunted house, geometric shapes, or free hand spots, lines, glowers, stripes anything you like. Once you’ve chosen your design, lightly sketch it on a piece of paper to help keep you on target..
    stripes and dots pumpkins

    Not so scarey after all

  • Apply your stencil or sketch your pattern, being careful not to pierce the skin.
  • Use a foam brush or spray acrylic to apply paint evenly or over pumpkin.
  • While paint is still wet, run a rubber comb around the pumpkin. Start from the stem and work from top to bottom. As an alternative to painting and combing, use a broad-tip marker to draw spirals or dots on the pumpkins, or go a little wild by drawing random lines in contrasting colors.
  • When paint or ink is dry, spray with a polyurethane glaze as a protective finish.


Painted Pumpkins

Eeee Heee Heee Heee … My Little Pretty!

polka dot pumpkin

Pretty Fun …