How to Keep Your Fine Dinnerware Looking Fine!

 November 18, 2013
Posted by jenn

Happy Monday!  Just a quick story about our Off Your Plate Weekend.  Every month one of our clients holds a party for 10 of her best friends and herself.  It’s a rather. typically casual affair and involves cocktails, a nice assortment of hors d’oeuvres, 3, or so main course meal and dessert.  The time is special to her because it gives the ladies an opportunity to vent, bond, laugh and just generally make fun of life and in turn make life fun.

Our role is to ensure she has the space and freedom to do so without all the shopping, prep and serving which often makes the event fun for all but the host.  So, we come in and set up, create a warm atmosphere, cater, ensure an easy clean up and scoot. We return in the morning to do the gritty clean up and even share some of the fun details of the night before.

During this week’s set up conversation I heard a complaint from my client about her fine china, bowls, platters ~ essentially all her exquisite entertainment-ware.  She was annoyed at how dusty it always seemed to be and she thought it made her shelves look a bit unkempt.  You should know that she usually opts for the main dishes, which are also lovely, while the very special ones act as a backdrop waiting for the extra special events to come out and play.  In her mind it was general conversation and she was not necessarily looking for a solution.

However, when she stepped back to let us to do our work we, with a glint in our eyes pulled down her most lovely pottery, plates, bowls, platters and crystal and cleaned them, set them out, filled them up and put them to work.  The place settings were extra inviting.  The food, as she described it, was all the more delicious and the evening was even better than usual. I think she embellished on a few details possibly.  But, the bottom line is we shared that those special pieces can be used in a routine event and shake things up just a little bit.

And, the use keeps them looking shiny and pretty in between the elaborate events they’re most often reserved for.

It was fun!

Wishing you an extra fancy week even in the most mundane moments and hope you shine too!