On My Bucket List

 April 25, 2014
Posted by jenn

Ready or not, here comes fall! With that comes yet another opportunity to integrate new ideas and styles into your decorating and organizing.  Some ideas can be daring and some down right rustic.  We’re talking about buckets. Lovely galvanized steel buckets; some large, small or decorated.  All are extremely simple, have an element of fun, style and uniqueness. Take a look:

Clever and Chic Ways to Use or Re-use a Bucket:

1. Hanging Wine Bucket Cooler:hanging-wine-bucket-Kara-Rosenlund

Practical, charming, fun. It is the very inspired improvisation of Austalian stylist Kara Rosenlund.  Pretty and cool …huh!


2. French Inspired Flower Bucket:

paris bucketBlack acrylics paint and a stencil makean ordinary galvanized bucket Très chic! Add some lavender and you have a lovely scent and seemingly effortless elegance to greet anyone entering your home.

3. Pretty Pretty Paint Cans:

decorated paint bucketOrdinary empty paint cans.  I’m always reluctant to throw mine into bin. Albeit they’re recyclable, but they scream to be used again!  Take a look how this Pinterest enthusiast listens to their call.  A little decorative contact paper, some mod podge perhaps and you have beautiful containers, vases, what have you!

4. Small Organizing Container Buckets:


storage-1 Here are 2 different styles I’ve used many times to organize garages, kidsrooms, laundry rooms, sewing rooms, even offices.  Both are easy, portable, space saving and fun container magic. And, really self explanatory. No directions required.  However, if you’d like a little assistance we’re just a click away!
Happy fall decorating and organizing!