DIY Weekend Projects (hint- How Much Wood Would a…)

 August 15, 2014
Posted by jenn

“Woodn’t” your home look even more wonderful with a few warm, natural wood enhancements? And, don’t you have all that spare time to work on these during your next two days of glorious weekend?!

Here are a few ideas to get your DIY juices flowing:

Reclaimed wood has definitely made its mark in recent years in home decor and beyond. Using old found wood creates a nostalgic past that is comforting and familiar with an artistic edge. These projects are sure to bring a mesh of an old and new artistic flare that will surely entice friends.

1. Do you have wall space that just seems like it’s missing something? Or a small room in a cabin that’s dull? The Birch Wall is an accent wall made by covering a wall surface with small birch rounds. This project is sure to lighten a room and intrigue guests. DIY-Birch-Wall-Panel (2)

2. Spruce up your bedroom with this awesome headboard idea. Use steel/iron and old wood to create an amazing accent to your bed. This project would may require a little guidance from an experienced welder.  You may want to check out a local maker space which can teach you welding and other skills.Reclaimed-Wood-and-Iron-Steel-Headboard (2)

3. Another simple idea is this wonderful yardstick and mason jar wall hanging. This is fairly easy to assemble and is a great accent to any room in your house or office.This project can be changed with ease. Instead of yardsticks you can choose driftwood or any reclaimed wood.Mason-Jar-Wall-Storage-on-Vintage-Yardsticks (2)

(Mason Jars  project taken from Upcycled Treasures)

4. I love the idea of this knife holder. This may be a bit more advanced but truly brings and enticing look. Show off your kitchen and cooking knives with pride.ds_5_9_12_diy_wood_kniferack_1 (2)

For more detail, instructions and ideas check out the websites that inspired us to do these projects: and

There are such vast amounts of projects that you can do to create comforting accents to areas of your life.

If you decide to make any of these or have some creations of your own, we’d love to see them!

Meanwhile, get inspired and happy making!