The New Counter Culture

 August 19, 2014
Posted by jenn

Whether you have limited counter space. Or, a more generous area to work from, it can be a bear to keep a counter clear!

Counters, by nature are clutter magnets. Places to drop and run. The mail becomes a stack then a pile and then a problem. Nothing good come from piles. Other clutter problems include over appliancing (we just made up that word), over jarring, over planting… over doing.

The first step is to get in the right state of mind. Think Minimalism. Think storage. Yes, even think throwing away.

Here are 5 easy ideas from our friend Bob Vila and for reclaiming your counter space:

1.The Top-shelfdressyourhome.in_2009_08_06_open-shelving-in-kitchen_

Open shelving — whether it’s set on the back-splash, mounted on a painted wall, or even free-hanging from the ceiling — can greatly increase your kitchen storage capabilities. Although you’ll want to choose eye-pleasing items to house there, the net result will be an increase in space down below.

2. Trash it neatly

Made famous by Rachael Ray, the “garbage bowl” can help keep peels and trimmings under control as you cook. Scraps go in the bowl until they’re all ready for the trash or composting, and the counters stay free of debris.

3. Another way to look at it

Having a limited amount of kitchen real estate can inspire creative, and at times beautiful, solutions. Mounting a few shelves inside a window not only gains surface area for storage, but also captures a stunning backdrop for anything placed there.Window shelves

4. Piece of Cake

Use a simple cake stand to hold high-use items like salt, pepper and olive oil. If you need more room, you can easily transfer the stand to another spot in the kitchen.

5. Jar ingenuity

Yet another Mason jar idea: Affix the metal lids to the underside of a cabinet, and screw the jars on and off as you need them.mason jar under a shelf

I hope these ideas are useful for you.  Enjoy the culture! kitchen 3