A Nerd’s guide to the Bay Area (fun things to let your inner nerd out)

 August 20, 2014
Posted by jenn

Adventure PlaygroundThe Bay Area is saturated with some of the best tech, art, and science themed sights and activities. Some of these activities are best for grownups and others great the whole family. You may know of many but perhaps you don’t know all of them. Push your glasses up and get ready to nerd out.

Adventure Playground: Located in the Berkeley Marina is a place for you and kids to build whatever your imagination can think of. I’m not joking – this is literally a building playground that offers up materials and tools to build with.

Autodesk’s Gallery: Located in San Francisco, AG features the latest in technology and products made from many of Autodesk’s products. You can check it out every first Thursday night when the gallery throws their “Design Night” party. It’s open to the public but has limited tickets available. You want to plan ahead and get in on the action early. Each Design Night has a fun theme and offers food and drinks… geek out with your drink out.

I love games!! Not only the new cool ones but the old ones too. Try out your skills at the Pacific Pinball Museum. A $15.00 admission and all the games are free! If you want more variety with games – check out the old Musee Mechanique musee

The Maker movement is on the rise and we are lucky enough to be a part of it. Check out these awesome maker spaces and perhaps take a class or two. TechShop is for anyone wanting to take their maker status to the next level. Noisebridge is a public maker space that anyone can access. These are just a few maker spaces in the area that one can check out.

The Exploratorium, located at Pier 15 in SF  and The California Academy of Science at Golden Gate Park are sure to keep your hands and eyes busy. They also have adult nights for those that who like to indulge while geeking out.

Joining various meet up groups and adventuring with like minded nerds is always fun. You can find several meet ups on Meet Up. One I like to use that’s just for the ladies is Bay Area Geek Girls Dinner. The activities in groups like these are often free and a lot of fun.

Have fun and get out there, pocket protector and all!