Munchery – Not Your Typical Food Delivery

 August 23, 2014
Posted by jenn


Tonight, Saturday night, one of my seven favorite nights to order from the many amazing restaurants in San Francisco!

If you’re of the same mind, I have one word for you: Munchery. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Well, if you haven’t… let’s have a chat.

Munchery is a food delivery service in San Francisco that caters to a sophisticated palate. Munchery hires top chefs to create wonderful and creative dishes. The menu changes daily and caters to all types of diets, and there are even options for the kids. They also deliver to most of the East Bay and are coming soon to Seattle (in case you’re traveling).

I found out some interesting information about Munchery as a company. They believe that; in order to be good, you must do good. (I like the sound of that, don’t you?)

Here are 3 examples of how Muchery pays and feeds it forward:

1. For every meal purchased, Munchery donates part of their proceeds to the SF and Marin Food Banks.
2. They work closely with The Conservative Fund to plant trees in an effort to offset the carbon footprint of their deliveries.
3. They donate any leftover food to Food Runners, an organization that feeds the needy.

Now, let’s talk about the food. The food is delicious, local, and organic. They also deliver cold pressed juices, wine, and beer.

My friend and I ordered dinner, and this was what we chose. Thai curry chicken with pecan brown rice, smoked salmon w couscous. Our side dishes included basil whipped potatoes and grilled artichokes.
(Don’t be embarrassed if your mouth is watering but, you might want to grab a napkin).

The order came in plant-based packaging, we followed the instructions on heating the meal up and plated it. This meal was so delicious and just as good as going out to eat.

Munchery Mains and Sides

Some of my other favorite meals include:

– Chicken Picatta by Chef Steven Levine
– Braised Short Rib Rigatoni by Chef Matthew Urban
– Chocolate Chip Cookies by Chef Melissa Cohen

and munch, munch more.

Munchery is a MUST-try!