I feel the earth move under my feet

 August 28, 2014
Posted by jenn

I love that song, but could definitely do without the feeling!earthquake

Given the 6.0 earthquake the rolling, vine filled hills of wine country experienced this past weekend, the question begs…were you earthquake ready? Whether you had major, minimal or no damage, will you be ready for the next one?

Just in case, here are a few nuggets I unearthed in my quest for quake readiness.

1. San Francisco has a series of teams in place trained and at the ready in case of a quake. They’re know as the Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT for short) and trained by the S.F. Fire Department. Anyone can participate in the training and start their own NERT group. It’s reassuring to knowing someone is out there, even nicer to know who they are. any other cities have their own NERT’s. Check to see if one is in your neighborhood.

For further reference on your own, check out Ready.Gov/earthquakes. This website provides gobs or information about how to be prepared.

Everyone in the Bay Area should have a kit or some plan in case anything major does happen. The Red Cross sell fairly inexpensive kits or you can make your own.

Or maybe you’re more prepared than you think?

Hopefully these handy tips will help you.

Be Safe! You’re important to us.