September 9, 2014
Posted by jenn

Subtitle: beats standing in line at the post office.

I want to talk about Shyp, have you heard of it? It’s a new way to send packages, it’s easy and affordable. Everyone is busy these days, who has time to wait in line at the post office, package things properly, and well.. did I mention the time it all takes.

I recently discovered Shyp. What a blessing to those of us who work during post office business hours and don’t have the option to simply take off a couple hours to send something.

Here’s the skinny, San Francisco based Shyp, will pick up packages from your location, pack them, and shyp them for you. And their prices are comparable to USPS! You simply download the app, enter your payment information, take a picture of the items that need to be shypped =), and wait for a Shyp rep. to swing by and to pick it up. Size doesn’t matter nor does location where it’s to be shypped. Shyp picks it up and does the rest. I want to point this out one more time in case you missed it. They pack your shypment for you!

After the pick up happens, you are able to track every single step of the package’s journey. They also update you on the total cost to send it and what your debit or credit card is charged.

I’ve used this awesome service twice and have had a great experience.

Don’t believe me? I Shyp you not!!

Check it out: Shyp