6 Signs Your Home Is In Need of Some TLC

 September 11, 2014
Posted by jenn

6-Signs-Your-Home-Is-in-Need-of-Some-TLCLately, we’re getting a ton of requests for some home sprucing magic. Clients confess they’ve been procrastinating and aren’t even sure where to start.

If this sounds familiar, take a moment to take in this article by Karleia Steiner, a freelance blogger for firstteam.com.

If you’re like a lot of people, you procrastinate when it comes to home maintenance and remodels. It can throw your daily routine into chaos, it’s noisy, and it’s expensive. You might be tempted to put off home renovations as long as possible — maybe forever.

However, there are times when putting off renovations can make your life more difficult and even cause you to lose money in the long run. Wondering now if you might be in need of a remodel to save yourself the heartache and even bigger bill down the road?

Well if you notice any of the following in your home, then it is time to call up your favorite handyman or contractor (or Off Your Plate =) and give your home some much needed TLC.

1. Water Damage

A leaky roof, a flood-prone basement, or frequent plumbing problems should never be ignored. Not only will they cause expensive damage to your home, but they may also be signs of deeper structural problems. Any sign of a moisture problem means there are elements of your home that need to updated, ASAP.

2. Inefficient Appliances

In recent years, new appliances of all kinds have become much more energy efficient than older models. Check the energy ratings of your fridge, water heater and other appliances and compare them with brand new models. If more than one appliance is notably inefficient, you are probably losing money.

By switching to ENERGY STAR appliances you can save nearly 20% on your utility bills each month. They also make less noise, save water and have a longer life than standard appliances. If you were planning on renovating your kitchen eventually, when your appliances need replacing is a good time to do it.

3. Your Family Size Changes

The birth of twins, the addition of a grandparent or sending a child off to college all signal a radical change in the way you’ll be using your house. You may need extra bathrooms, or you may have too many bedrooms. Your house should change when you do.

4. Your Closets Are All Full

If you’ve thoroughly decluttered and organized all of your stuff, but it is still falling out whenever you open a closet door, that’s a sign that you’re out of storage space. Older homes are often very short on closets and other storage areas so don’t ignore this reality of it’s yours. A renovation with an eye towards creating storage will let you breathe easier and help you enjoy living in your house. Storage renovations are affordable and easy, so start researching ideas and find out how to make your life easier.

5. Your House is the Shabbiest on the Block

If your house is not up to the standards of the homes around it, you might be garnering resentment from your neighbors for bringing property values down. A facelift will not only make your neighbors happy, but it will also add to the value of your home. The easiest (and most affordable) fix is simply a new coat of paint!

6. Your House Depresses You

Ultimately, your house should be a place you are proud of and glad to come home to. If you step in the door and think, “Ugh, that carpet/paint job/windows,” or simply, “I hate this,” then your house isn’t working for you. A worn out or out-dated home will make you feel worn out and out-dated, too.

While there are some home renovation projects that an ambitious home owner can do alone, bigger projects such as those that involve infrastructure should be handled by a professional. And of course contact a plumbing company with any plumbing issues that arise during your renovations.

Once you’re done its time to sit back, relax and enjoy your updated more efficient home!

Needless to say we are here to help and have great professional contacts for the bigger jobs. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.