Autumn Table-setting Tips!

 September 23, 2014
Posted by jenn
Autumn marks the beginning of many dinners and holiday parties. This also marks the season that people get out their Autumn and Winter ware. Have you noticed that this is usually the only time that people have separate flatware.
I enjoy a tastefully created spread just like anyone. I’ve noticed a couple things that may be helpful when you’re thinking of decorating the table.
Keeping it simple goes a long way. The idea of putting the center piece on something that can easily be moved from the table to make room for dishes is ideal.
Inline image 1

Another example of this is below. All of the decorations on the table can be easily moved if they need to be. They also offer the cheery Autumn feel without being too over crowded.
Inline image 6

Candles always aid in creating a warm ambiance. I adore the idea of using nuts in the holder to create texture and depth.
Inline image 2

I also think using simple rustic wood rounds brings quite a nice element as well.
Inline image 4

There is nothing wrong with a simple table setting. Some things just work being simple, stylish and to the point.
Inline image 7

The Halloween lovers can get creative too. Spooky!
Inline image 8

I would avoid too much. This table seems overdone and confusing. There is such a thing asx too much of a good thing.
Inline image 5

Below is another example of how many different patterns and ideas can just come off as confusing and cluttered.
Inline image 3

 Whatever you do, enjoy your holiday and have some fun and of course good food.