DIY Education

 October 14, 2014
Posted by jenn

The web is full of information – You can literally find a ton of  interesting things on the world of the web. You can further your education and interests online for free. I want to share some of the best websites and platforms that I’ve found helpful and just plain awesome.

DIY websites are popping up everywhere these days. DIY has been around for a long time yet what’s changing is that new websites are offering a tech option as well open source projects. That means people are giving away their product blueprints and ideas for free. Yep, it’s happening! One of my favorite websites that bridges craft with tech and has a little bit of everything for everyone is Instructables.

One can find projects from cooking to building a robot on Instructables. They also offer contests for people to enter their project and win prizes! You can also submit your own DIY projects to be published.


Have you ever wanted to learn to code? Coding is great to know and can help you build your own websites and much more.

Code Academy  is a free online learning platform that teaches several different languages. Oh and did I mention it’s FREE!  The tutorials are easy to understand and they track your progress and save your work!

While we are on the topic of coding… Have you ever heard of a micro-controller or Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel’s Galileo?

Micro-controllers are part of the future of computers and small scale processors. Hey! Don’t be intimidated by the technical jargon here. Kids are playing with these things and so can you. I want to focus on Arduino since they have a very, very user friendly platform for learning. Check it out and see the crazy world of little computers.

MIT offers open courses for free in so many areas of study it will make your head spin!

You can learn at your own pace and choose from a huge list of classes. From history to physics, it’s all there and FREE! A educated mind is a powerful tool. You can also find even more classes from top Universities here.

Another forum of classes and obtaining skills is SkillShare. SkillShare offers people an online classes in fashion, design, animation, and many more.

Skillshare also gives you the option to upgrade your account to learn even more.

Last but not least – Make Magazine is a lot like Instructables in which they have projects for everyone. Recently I noticed they offered some valuable information for anyone wanting to learn more in the tech and 3D world. Follow this link for more. LEARN! to get free software to learn more.


What are you waiting for? Let’s get learning!

Do you know of a cool website that we didn’t mention? Tell us in a comment.