The 10 Best Places to Run in SF!

 November 21, 2014
Posted by jenn

San Francisco is more than just another pretty face among the many in the Golden State. It’s also the home of Rice o’ Roni, the Nike Women’s Marathon and the #1 Placeholder for Runner’s World 25 Best Running Cities in America. That being said, if you ever find yourself in SF make sure you check out these 10 places and make the most of your time there. For reals!

  1. Crissy Field
    One of the best places to run in San Francisco. Having wide open fields, you can run along a long and flat dirt path. And – awesome views of the Golden Gate Bridge!
  2. The Presidio
    This is San Francisco’s national park covering over 1500 acres. This old military outpost is a great place to go for a nice quiet run.
  3. Golden Gate Park
    I love this place! Part of the NWM runs through GG Park. You can make your route as easy or as challenging as you like with a nearby total elevation change nearing 2000ft to below sea level out and backs.
  4. Ocean Beach
    This is another great place to run a path along the sand. If you want to come here for your long run, start out at Seal Park and head towards the water.
  5. Twin Peaks/Mt. Sutro
    Here you’ll find the best views of the city and a steep b*tch of a climb. Plus, hello, it’s Twin Peaks! I just like the name.
  6. San Francisco Bay Trail
    Want a tour of the entire Bay? Try this popular dirt trail on for size. Also a great place to meet other local runners.
  7. Lyon Street Steps
    These incredibly steep and will crushing staircases are popular among hard core runners and masochists in the know. If you make it to the top of the staircases (close to 300 steps) and back make sure you do a Rocky Stance!
  8. Embarcadero
    The Embarcadero is the eastern waterfront roadway of the Port of San Francisco.  You will not come up against auto traffic but it does get busy with tourists. Great and easy to get to for runners visiting the city. Views = A+
  9. Baker Beach
    Good routes around Baker Beach can go from 2-8mi. Go here and especially check out The Sand Ladder, which is apparently epic. Rumor has it there is some nudity in the area. I’m in!
  10. Dipsea Trail*
    Escape from the city and run this breath-taking 7 mi trail which also happens to be the home to the oldest trail race in America (The Dipsea Race)! I’ve been trail running in SF and trust me, it is no joke.

Do you have a favorite place that you like to run in SF that isn’t on the list?