The Best of Music – 2014

 December 14, 2014
Posted by jenn

tapeWe are at that time of year where people start putting together their “Best Of” lists. This past week was flooded with some of the best lists in music. I’m not much of television person, yet a good soundtrack in life is always good.

These are some of our favorite “Best of Music” lists:

NPR Music’s Favorite Songs of 2014

This list is fantastic! You can choose to listen to a genre, a staff members playlist or even mix the entire list. It doesn’t cost a dime and it’s commercial free! I discovered a lot of new and interesting music here.

Those folks at NPR sure are smart and witty. If the list above wasn’t enough… check out NPR’s All Songs Considered Best of 2014. This list is awesome in that it narrows down the list in categories of  Top 10 and such.

NPR has been my trusted “go-to” for these music lists in the past. I KNOW you will enjoy some part of it. Still can’t get enough NPR – Check out their Tiny Desk Concert series.

Spotify has also come up with a concrete list of their Best of 2014. This list is free to listen when you log in yet does have those pesky commercials. Take a listen and see if there are differences or if it’s all the same. Perhaps all things are cohesive.

What’s your favorite song or album of this year?