Last Minute Gifts (Virtual)

 December 21, 2014
Posted by jenn

Are you finding yourself scrambling to find those last minute gifts.  Here are some good great ideas for virtual gifts and other last minute buys.

Music is always a nice gift for music lovers.. yes, you can send that coveted iTunes gift card and all. Purchasing a year or a specified months to any of the online music platforms, like Spotify and Pandora. Who wouldn’t love commercial free music at any time.

Wouldn’t it be great to show your care by getting groceries for someone. You can now with gift cards to many popular grocery stores. Whole Foods, Bi-Rite and Rainbow Grocery all sell gift cards. Perhaps you’d rather sign someone up for a local CSA box?

Know someone that is just too busy that regular day to day chores slip through the cracks? How about buying them dinner through Munchery. You can even go one step beyond and pay for a house cleaner to go to someone’s house. Better yet, why not send them our way – Off Your Plate offers help in a vast way.

Do you have someone in your life that likes to make things, or just super crafty. Send eBooks or a Make: Magazine subscription. Find other last minute gifts in their shop.  There are event Audible books you can send to folks that drive a lot of have a hard time hearing.

Hulu Plus and HBO Go are also fun gifts for folks that don’t want to pay for cable and love t.v.

Did you know that you can give the gift of airfare? It’s true! Southwest Airlines offers gift cards that could help someone take a much needed trip.

Clothes are another great gift! Pajamagram is a favorite around the holidays, sure it’s ultra cheesy but it’s oh so cute. You can control an entire family’s pajamas, even their pets! There’s also a dynamic company called Trunk Club – High Quality men’s clothing that you can pick out.

Virtual gifts are just as cool as a tangible gift and often forgotten about. Give the coolest gift ever with the above ideas!