Quick and Simple Pot Pie

 January 4, 2015
Posted by jenn

There are a ton of pot pie recipes out there.. and many folks claim they have the best recipe or know of the best. I’ve made it a point to perfect a delicious pot pie without much fuss. I’m not going to give you a specific recipe or anything. I’m just simply going to tell you about what I’ve done and works for me.

I don’t know many folks that have time to make flaky delicious pie crust from scratch. If you have time in your busy day.. congrats to you. (I want your secret) I usually buy Whole Foods frozen crusts. Not only are they organic, but they offer a wide variety of types – sweet, savory, gluten free and even mini pies. The way these gems are sold is in pairs of two – so already you have the top and bottom of your pie. This is not one of those “just the top” pot pies.. no thanks.

I also pick up a chicken gravy packet at W.F. too, any old gravy will do really.

Now we come to the filling – You can keep traditional if you like but you can really do whatever you like. I love to mix up the filling with whatever is in season at the time. I recently took all my holiday leftovers and plopped them in the shells and BOOM!! pot pie! For the sake of this post – let’s say we are making a somewhat traditional pot pie. I like to start with a mirepoix in a separate pan and add the other veggies and chicken accordingly.

While you are making and seasoning your filling – turn the oven to about 375-400. Leave the pie shells out so they warm up while you’re cooking. Do the filling and gravy on the side. When the filling seems ready drop it in the bottom of the frozen pie crust. Now you will take the other frozen pie crust and top your pie. I like to use a fork and seal up the crusts, they should be warm enough to do that. If you want to go super fancy… use butter to seal up the pie and pinch the edges together.

Start by baking the pie for 25-30 minutes or until you see the crust turn golden. Or perhaps a little golden brown if you will.

You have now created a hearty, easy, and quick meal.