5 Bathroom Organization Tips

 January 28, 2015
Posted by jenn

Bathrooms are one of those places that we often forget about that can quickly become a hectic place where clutter goes to die. Here are some handy creative ideas that could help.

1. Baskets!! Yes, baskets! Utilize your wall space by hanging up some baskets and storing your items in them. This will free up counter space as well as doubling your storage.

2. Utilize the space under your sink. Try hanging small organizers on the inside of the cabinet doors or even risers to double the storage and organize your goods.

3. Use old food stands to organize and tidy up bathroom counters. I know this sounds funny but it looks awesome and it works.

4. Repurpose some old vintage items in your bathroom to add a nice looking accent that is also useful.

Here you will again see a great use of mason jars.

5. Over the toilet storage. A nice classy addition to the bathroom.

Perhaps you don’t have the time to invest in these projects. We can help!!! Off Your Plate will come to your house and organize your bathroom for you and do all the added creative touches that you’re looking for.

Happy Organizing!