Offer Up – Buying and Selling made Simple

 February 11, 2015
Posted by jenn

Offer Up is a somewhat new website and app that helps people buy and sell their goods on a local level. I first got wind of it when a close friend told me about using it to sell some antiques and some other goods. Recently we featured Move Loot, which offers high quality furniture for your office and home. I would say that Offer Up is in between Move Loot and Craigslist. Offer Up seems in my opinion to be a little less scary than Craigslist, but to each their own.

The idea is that you sell your goods for a price that you set, however people can bid on your item or make an offer. You then decide if it’s good or not. The other notable thing is that you can search by your zip code. You will be surprised by what people are selling: Cars, antiques, concert tickets, furniture, cells phones and much more.

With Offer Up you make the shots. You decide who to sell to, how much and where to meet. One more thing I want to mention is that once the transaction is done the sale is over, the conversation between seller and purchaser is over and disappears.

Check out the fun!