DIY Home Library Ideas

 February 15, 2015
Posted by jenn

Who doesn’t love grabbing a book and getting cozy at home. With advanced technology, ebooks and such we are seeing such a drastic decrease in book love. There are the tried and true book lovers out there and I’m one of them. Nothing will ever replace the love I have for getting a new book, the smell of the pages and even the feel of the entire book in my hands. Call me old fashioned but that’s me.

Lately I’ve been dreaming about little home libraries. I’m obsessed with finding different ideas to set up a story telling book wonderland. My ideal little library would be something I could create out my pre-existing space with maybe a couple added things.

How about taking an old closet and building shelfs for a quiet tuck away spot.

I also like this style of closet library. So great and the lighting is just right!

I love this old fireplace hack.

I’m intrigued with the idea of being surrounded by books towering up to heaven yet I would be very concerned with this living in the Bay Area.

This is fun and would require some work. Aesthetically it’s quite lovely, don’t you think?

And last but not least: this is a different sort of library – the kind you find outside for all to share. I’ve been seeing these pop up all around the Bay.

These are so GREAT!

Do you have a little library in your house?