Outlaw Soaps – Gettin’ Clean on a Local Level.

 February 20, 2015
Posted by jenn

There are many things in this world that are great, and there are some things that are just simply amazing. There’s a local soap company that is truly making their mark in the world where the dirty are gettin’ clean.

Outlaw Soaps makes beautiful products that will leave you in awe wanting more. The owners obviously have a sense of humor and a love for great smelling products. It’s like heaven to my nose. I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted Outlaw Soap a number of times and I’ll be the first to tell you it’s a real treat. Who knew something so great could come in such a small package.

Now let’s look at the goods. I know that some things may be changing but I must highlight a few:

BACON Soap!!! Hello!! Bacon soap! Who doesn’t love that? Even veg heads could get into this style of bacon. Scrub yourself with this salty delight.

Bacon soap



And it keeps getting better. Outlaw not only offers up creative soaps yet they name them with such great names that it truly gives the product a story of its own. Wash it away with a little “Hair of the Dog”.



Unicorn poop anyone? It’s magical and will get you clean.


The hilarious list of high quality soaps goes on and on. But wait… there’s more! They also offer some other nifty treats. Saddle Stick Lotion – hands down the best way to carry lotion around.



The Happy Trails Grooming Set:


Whiskey Lip Balm:



And much, much, much more!!! Please check out the website and fall in love.

Here’s their Martha Stewart’s American Made submission last year. I think this video great because you really get a sense of who these folks are.

Ok, ok.. One more so you really get how awesome these guys are: