Home Office Ideas

 February 23, 2015
Posted by jenn

Need a space to work from home. Like a nice designated space that is out of the way where you can concentrate. You’re probably like most of us in an urban situation where you just simply do not have the space for a full on office. Posting the blog about little libraries has me thinking of pint size creative places, or places that you can focus in without taking up too much space.

Separate and create a little nook for you to work in that can easily be covered if company is over. This space would be perfect to use in a guest room if you have the room.

Home office - feature


Look at this cute little gem. How about using a narrow desk and setting up shop again a wall – perhaps between two windows in the livingroom. You would then have a lovely view and keep things nice and confined.

home office 1


Another spot with a view – that awkward area in a bedroom or attic bedroom. Use a small desk and hide away in your quiet corner. Perhaps this could be the next inspiration spot.




home office 3


I think the below idea is so clever. You could easily to this with a bookshelf and a table. Just make sure the table can easily sit over one of the shelfs. Now you have storage and a space for two. This is also a great solution if you have kids and want to keep an eye on them.


home office 6

Pick the perfect corner and set up an unobtrusive spot to make your very own. I love the difference in colors to really separate the space. Red is work time and the rest is play.


home office


Anyway you cut it, this doesn’t have to be a hard project and with a little creativity you can really make a cozy business get away. Just think of how much money you will save on coffee and such.

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