Recipe: Mouth Watering Pulled Pork

 February 28, 2015
Posted by jenn

Nothing beats a deliciously cooked pork. This is the easiest recipe EVER! I’m not kidding and you will be amazed at how easy this is and how amazing it will taste. The pork literally will just fall off the bone and melt in your mouth.



– 4 – 6 lbs of pork shoulder (bone in)

– 25 garlic cloves – peeled and whole

– 4 bay leaves

– Salt + Pepper

Use a standard baking pan and cover the pork and seasoning with foil and leave it to bake.

Bake in the oven for 10 hours at 250 degrees.

This recipe can go a long way and is super versatile. It’s a perfect treat if you are having friends over and don’t want to fuss too much. Toss this in the oven in the morning, set the timer and forget about it. Serve with a coleslaw, cabbage tossed in apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt and POW!! (jalapenos are optional)

What are your favorite simple recipes?