5 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips

 March 5, 2015
Posted by jenn

It’s spring cleaning time!! The kitchen is the best loved spot in most houses, so why not have it in tip top shape.

Now let’s get organized.

1. Start hanging things up. People don’t utilize wall space like they should. Listen up folks, this is prime real estate especially for small kitchens or urban living.

kitchen 2

Kitchen wall       kitchen1       kitchen3

2. Group items that are similar use items, like baking, cooking, mixing bowls etc. Store the most used items in areas where you can get to them easily and the other products that are less used away from easy reach.

enkd15c_1_ 022                    kitchen org1

3. Use drawer dividers to help keep things organized and in its place for easy access.

kitch draw1            enkd15c_1_ 022

4. Store things in jars. For example: The more used cooking utensils can be put in a nice jar right next to the stove top, this works well with measuring tools too. Or use storage containers to organize dry goods in your cupboards.

kitch jar 1         kitch jar

5. Make use of your fridge for storage on the outside. Getting  crafty with magnets and other magnetic storage containers can save you a ton of space.

kitch mag

The idea here is to think outside the box with your organization needs. Please share with us your ideas or things that have worked for you.

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