Robot Craft Projects.

 March 12, 2015
Posted by jenn

Here are some great craft ideas that you can do to celebrate the robot craze. These fun ideas are great for the family and a super duper weekend project to do after seeing Chappie or Hero 6.

Use old soup cans or other old tin cans to repurpose into robots! Pop on some googly eyes and pipe cleaners and use that imagination.



Or use your creativity to make your kids lunch look robotic. This could be a clever way to get your kids to eat their fruit and veggies.

robot food

Use some paper to make a moveable robot that hangs on the wall. Come up with a way to make the arms and legs move when string is pulled.

robot move












Keep going and decorate the whole house with little touches that bring out your inner robot. Let everyone know you a robot lover through and through.

Wreath5                           robot outside

Want to become a robot yourself – Get creative and recycle things around the house wo create your robot fashion drab.

robot-craft-2         1-robot-mask-diy-crafts-for-kids-063


Remember to have fun and bleep blop blorg blop.