Pac-Man is Turning 30!!

 March 31, 2015
Posted by jenn

Can you believe that our beloved Pac-Man is turning 30 years old this weekend?? It was just yester-year that we were all geeking out on Atari an Colecovision. Those were the days… when you could play outside till the street lights came on and we all sipped from the garden hose.  Ok, ok.. enough nostalgic reminiscing.

There’s obviously no comparison to the games of today, yet at the time Pac-Man was an epic game! Even Google is getting into the spirit with their Pac-Man maps.  I want to celebrate this anniversary with a couple gaming spots the whole family could enjoy.

Take the kids or your date to “High Scores Arcade” in Alameda. This place offers a lot of “old school” games and fun.


Woot Woot!!!

Player SF” offers up many activities including.. you guessed it, an arcade. This is a bit of a tourist spot but still great for families.


And one more that is simply worth the adventure 7D Experience. A 20 person theater that gets you in the game. This is the full experience of a ride and a game at the same time.


Get out there and teach those kids what real gaming is all about. And don’t forget your roots.


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The sit down was the ultimate!!