Urban Window Gardens

 April 7, 2015
Posted by jenn

I love when people are creative about their environment as well as their art and the planet. Just because you don’t have a full garden doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from delicious food grown on your own turf.. even if it’s up high above the city.

Here are some great Urban Gardening ideas that run deep.

The hanging gutter garden:

window garden diy planter

Need something a little less conceptual and a tad easier to build? For the weekend do-it-yourself project, try this NestInStyle gutter garden composed of simple materials like PVC piping, chain link or metal wire rope.

Window Farms are the rage in big urban settings.


I love this! It’s such a great way to take your urban garden to the next level.

DIY Window Herb Garden from IKEA pots. 



So simple and sleek with great results.

The Persian Window Planter. (This seems so beyond me, but I like it)



For the urban gardening enthusiast!

I want to see you garden around town!