Mayweather vs Pacquiao – SF Viewing Guide

 April 28, 2015
Posted by jenn



The big fight is coming up this weekend and everyone I know is PUMPED! Now, now.. we don’t condone violence however we do support sports. Here are some local spots showing the fight on a bigger screen than I have at home. I also know sometimes you have to get out and enjoy the fight around other people with drink specials and beyond.

Here are a few places I could find that are showing the fight.

1. The Abbey Tavern

abbey tavern

The little Irish Sports Bar that could.. and will. Cover charge may apply – festivities start at 6pm.

2. Ted’s Sports Bar and Grill


The food seems to be a step above the regular old sports bar fare. They boast 10 flat screens, a little action all over the place.

3. San Francisco Athletic Club


I’ve mentioned this place before, you can get a whole bathtub full of beer. WOWZA!!! This place is a sports bar heaven. The night starts at 7pm and tickets are limited, so check it out NOW.

4. Score! Bar and Lounge.


Hot bartenders and a lot of fun! This hidden gem offers way more than just sports.

5. Dolores Corner


Your quaint neighborhood sports bar. This local favorite is just what you read.. local and favorite. You are bound to find a good rough and tumble folks to share the excitement with.

Welp.. that’s all from me on this one folks. I tried to give a variety of places to fit the needs of you dear readers.