Themed Rooms at Home

 May 6, 2015
Posted by jenn

Recently I’ve been into looking at the world of “themed rooms” in your home. I think it’s a fun and creative way to show off your interests and do something different. Please join me in looking at some fun and cool ways you can personalize your space with your interests.

Star Wars Themed Rooms

jedi 2           jedi room


These rooms are super fun!

What if you’re looking to do something a little more serious. I’ve always been fond of a good Nautical Theme

nautical 2    Nautical Room


Ahoy!! Keepin’ it classy!

The next couple of pictures are not really my style but you can truly see how some folks take their love of things in a very out of the norm way.

Cool-Theme-Home-Vacation-Rental-in-Orlando-4 hunting nature-walk-interior-design


I absolutely love video game themed rooms. You see this more with kids rooms, but still.. it’s so good.

Video-Game-Themed-Room-For-Kids-2-524x429       Video-Game-Themed-Room-For-Kids-7-524x766


One more – Music themed rooms are awesome.

Bedroom-Design-with-Music-Theme-for-Musician-345 music Theme-Bedroom-2

Do you have a themed room in your house? Plan on making one? What do you think?